The Dip

by Dec 8, 2017Writing0 comments

Today I had planned on writing my 7th article, but life got in the way.

Personal and professional obligations began to pile up along with a nagging sense of exhaustion and zapped willpower. This week has been rewarding and downright draining.

Yet, I persisted. Even though I am not writing about the original topic I had slated for today I am still here and I am still writing.

That was the plan all along wasn’t it? To write something everyday.

This post will be unique in that I typed it free form. I will do little to no editing other than a final read through. It will be the shortest and no keyword research will be done. I likely will do nothing more than post it.

I titled this post the Dip after Seth Godin’s book. The book is about when to stick and when to quit. Ironically, I never finished it.

Yet, maybe the message stuck. Here I am tonight thinking about it. Thinking about hanging it up. To quit yet another thing I said I would do. It’s painful to continue on. But I think it would be more painful to let myself down again.

Rather than giving up entirely I think I am going to shake things up. To avoid burnout and get some semblance of a sleep schedule and workout routine back I am going to switch to publishing twice a week.

Right now, Thursday’s and Sunday’s sound like a good plan. I have Mon-Thurs to write something for Thursday. Then I can relax a bit Friday and jump into writing something over the weekend when I have more time to publish on Sunday.

This also frees up time to for paid writing gigs and I think I will put out better quality work that I will be more proud of.

I’ll leave you with a new song I discovered by a wonderful artist, Tycho.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.