About Alex

Who Am I? 

I am a husband and a dog person. The majority of my time is spent with my wife, Lizzy, and our American Bulldog, Bella. We spend our days either at home watching Netflix and cooking delicious (often unhealthy) dinners or out with friends and family going to the movies or having a game night. In my spare time, I love to travel (Italy is by far my favorite) and I enjoy fishing.

What Do I Do?

I’ll skip right over my Army career and jump to my college education and my professional career thus far. I have a degree in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Economics from UNT and I have been doing copywriting, sales, and digital marketing for over 10 years working for various startups, my own companies, large and small companies, and online freelancing.

The meat of what I do every day which creating content and things for the Internet. I specialize in B2B copywriting and digital marketing for companies ranging from start-up size to big business.

I prefer to write evergreen content which stays relevant and useful for years to come. I help companies make sense of operating a business in this digital age and how to make their website and its content work for them.

If you have any questions about my services or general questions about marketing, content creation, or even just about me don’t hesitate to send me an email